2018 Comprehensive Plan Update


Background and Purpose

The Comprehensive Plan is the centerpiece of local planning in the County.  Like a business plan, the Comprehensive plan provides the framework for how our community will grow. The Comprehensive Plan is amended annually through the “Docket Process” which provides citizens an opportunity to suggest changes to the Comprehensive Plan and Development regulations.  In addition to annual amendments, the Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A) requires counties and cities to conduct a mandatory “periodic update” at least once every eight years.  The County’s periodic update is due in June 2018.     

There are three primary purposes of the update:   

  • Review plan and regulations and bring them up to date with any relevant changes to state law and the Growth Management Act (GMA);  
  • Respond to changes in land use and population; and
  • Address any local preferences or needs.
  1. Preliminary Draft of 2036 Comprehensive Plan Utility Inventory Available for Review

    The Preliminary Draft of the Utility Inventory for the 2036 Comprehensive Plan update is available for review Read on...
  2. Preliminary Draft of 2036 Capital Facilities Inventory Available for Review

    The Preliminary Draft of the Capital Facilities for the 2036 Comprehensive Plan update has been posted Read on...
  3. Preliminary Draft Housing Needs Assessment

    The preliminary draft of the Housing Needs Assessment is available for public review and comment. This is the first step in amending Element 5 Housing Read on...
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Comprehensive Plan Update Schedule - Revised June 2017

June 2017 Schedule Diagram

How to Participate


If you would like to be notified of open houses, public meetings, hearings or other opportunities to participate the update process, please sign up for notifications under the heading “News Flash” and "Comprehensive Plan Update" here: http://sanjuanco.com/list.aspx.  Individual notices of events and opportunities will also be sent to print and online newspapers and blogs, posted on the County website and otherwise broadly distributed. Comments can be sent to complancomments@sanjuanco.com.