Odlin South Lopez Island

SJC Parks and Recreation close to issuing Odlin South Management and Stewardship Plan (updated July 5, 2017)

The DRAFT Management and Stewardship Plan and Appendix A Ecological Assessment for Odlin South are still available for viewing. Comments on the draft plan were accepted through June 30th. Thanks to all who took the time to review this document and submit your thoughts. 

The San Juan County Parks & Recreation Commission also thanks Lopez Island residents for discussing the draft plan and sharing their comments at the June 22, 2017 Commimssion meeting at Odlin County Park.

Watch this space for updates!

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San Juan County entered into a 50-year lease with the WA Department of Natural Resources for this 100-acre parcel in 2011. The County is investigating full acquisition, keeping it in public ownership for recreation and natural resource conservation in perpetuity. The PRC would like to hear your ideas about planning for development, conservation, and the scope of recreational uses.

An ecological assessment of Odlin South

In 2011, San Juan County entered into a 50-year lease with the Department of Natural Resources for the 100 acre Lopez Island property known as Odin South. This land neighbors Odlin County Park, already in the Parks & Fair Department inventory. This lease stipulates use for public benefit such as fish and wildlife habitat, open space, or recreation, or any combination of these uses.

The County holds the right to purchase the residual value of the fee interest to accept a land transfer at fair market value, and there is some local support for this purchase. Acquisition of this rich parcel is targeted for 2017.

A recent ecological assessment (Rozewood Environmental Services, Inc.) reports a seasonal stream that bisects the mostly forested property and that several wetlands are present. Douglas fir dominates the property, and there are some stands of Sitka spruce, western white pine, and Noble fir. An outstanding quaking aspen population resides here, with some specimens larger than 30 inches dbh.

The property also features an extraordinary dense understory comprised of salal, oceanspray, salmonberry, snowberry, and stinging nettle. The density of these plants make foot travel off the established trails very difficult. A number of birds, mammals, fish, and invertebrates also reside in this area.

Vicinity map

Read the report and learn more about this project:

Odlin South property ecological assessment (PDF)

Odlin South property ecological assessment Slideshow (PPT)

Future Updates on the Project

As we move forward from the Ecological Assessment toward crafting a Management Plan for Odlin South, more information will be added to this page. As we reach out to the community for input on uses  and desires for this property, we will publish details here.

 If you would like to receive updates about this project, please e-mail us at parks@sanjuanco.com; please put “Odlin South notification, please” in the subject line. Or, you can sign up for specific Parks related notifications on the San Juan County website, http://www.sanjuanco.com/list.aspx.