Living Along the Shore

What You Will Find in This Section
These pages offer:
  • Access to aerial photographs and information on your specific property.
  • Information about the regulatory requirements involved in developing your shoreline property, and access to relevant forms.
  • Ways to protect the nearshore ecosystem and your investment.
About Our Shoreline
  • All of San Juan County, land and water, is a County designated Marine Stewardship Area. By designating our community a Marine Stewardship Area, we recognize the special ecological significance of the San Juan Islands.
  • San Juan County has more shoreline than any county in the continental U.S. - more than 408 linear miles.
  • Our shoreline provides essential habitat for a diversity of plants and animals like orcas, salmon and sea birds. It varies along its length, including rocky areas and beaches, each has specific functions that maintain the structure of the nearshore ecosystem.
  • All 22 stocks of threatened Puget Sound Chinook salmon use our shorelines, relying on healthy beaches, eel grass prairies, and kelp beds.
  • Shoreline property owners have a unique opportunity to develop land in a manner that is protective of their investment and the natural system. Each property affects the health of our shoreline.
How to Get Information About Your Parcel
  • San Juan County's parcel search provides basic information and aerial views of your property.
  • The Washington Department of Ecology's Coastal Atlas offers aerial views of coastline properties and GIS information about vegetation and habitat, slope stability and a variety of other physical and ecological features.
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