The Assessor's primary duty is to determine the value of all taxable real and personal property for the purpose of equitable tax distribution for various taxing districts. The amount of taxes required is determined by the Council Members or Commissioners of the taxing districts. The assessed value and tax dollar requirements are calculated to provide each owner with an amount of tax due according to their proportionate share of the total monies necessary to satisfy the budgeted levy requirements.

It is the Assessor's responsibility to insure that all property owners are treated fairly and impartially in accordance with our State laws. It is our sincere desire to serve and support you in an effective, responsible and courteous manner.


In addition, excess or special levies are approved by the voters at the polls, these include:
  • Bonds
  • Capital Improvements
  • Maintenance and Operation


There are exemptions available to property owners such as:
  • Destroyed Property
  • Senior Citizen/Disabled Persons