Levies & Taxing Districts

  1. 2015 / 2016 Levy Changes

    View a comparative chart for the 2014 and 2015 levy changes.

  2. 2016 Tax Distribution

    Learn how the 2015 tax levy revenue was distributed throughout the County.

  3. 2016 Tax Levies

    View a comparative chart by tax code area for the 2015 tax levies.

  4. 2016 Tax Rate By Island

  5. Assessed Value of Property

    Review the assessed value and parcel count of real and personal property for 2015.

  6. Property Tax Acres

    Review the acreage by use in San Juan County.

  7. Property Tax Distribution

    View how your property taxes are distributed.

  8. Property Tax Limitations

    The rate that a taxing district may impose each year without voter approval is its regular levy.

  9. Tax Code Area Map

    View a map broken down by tax code areas in San Juan County.