Fleet Services

The Equipment Rental and Revolving Fund (ER&R) is responsible for the purchase, sale, repair and maintenance of the county equipment fleet and motor pool. The ER&R / Fleet Services Manager oversees the operation and manages fund finances. Overhead costs for all fund activities are under this program. The ER&R program is statutorily mandated by RCW 36.33A. The county equipment and vehicle fleet consists of approximately 200 individual pieces of equipment and rolling stock.

The program also manages fuel usage, material stocks and aggregates for the Road Fund.

Mechanical Shops
The mechanical shops are responsible for preventive maintenance and repair for all equipment and vehicles owned by the fund.  There is a mechanical shop on Lopez Island, Orcas Island and San Juan Island.  Lopez Island and Orcas Island each have a full time mechanic while San Juan Island has two full time mechanics.  The mechanical shops are overseen by the master mechanic located on San Juan Island.

Equipment Rental & Motor Pool

The equipment rental and motor pool program is responsible for ensuring that county employees and county operations have adequate access to the equipment and rolling stock necessary to carry out county business and deliver public services.