Major Cases

  1. Criminal Prosecutions

    About half of the office effort is directed toward criminal prosecution and serving the needs of victims of crimes.

  2. Fair Campaigns

    Prosecutors in San Juan County and the cities of Seattle, Auburn, and Kent responded quickly to require a campaign to repeal a gas tax to disclose the identity of contributors and the amount of their contributions.

  3. Growth Management Board Cases

    Since 1995, five major cases testing our land-use laws have been successfully resolved, assuring local control over our laws and policies.

  4. Home Rule Charter (PDF)

    The San Juan County Prosecutor's Office served as the legal advisor to the Board of Freeholders. The freeholders submitted a Home Rule Charter to the people and it was approved in the 2005 election.

  5. Jet Ski Ordinance

    In 1995 the Board of County Commissioners asked this office to draft stringent restrictions on the use of jet skis.

  6. Land Bank Transactions

    Every week this office aids the County Land Bank in protecting our scenic and ecologically significant resources.

  7. Oil Tanker Regulations

    The regulation of waterbikes would mean little if federal maritime law rules allowed vessels, of all sizes, unrestricted use of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

  8. Practical Magic Appeals

    The Park Board called on the Prosecuting Attorney when it was asked about the use of the County Park for the filming of the feature movie Practical Magic by Warner Bros.

  9. Real Estate Transactions

    In 2001, people from throughout the community contacted the leaders at Lafarge North America and asked them to donate to the public the gravel pit property on San Juan Island.

  10. Solid Waste Challenge

    We successfully defended a challenge to the County's ownership and management of the solid waste transfer stations.

  11. Tax Appeals

    The prosecutor defended the valuation method of the County assessor for the Rosario Resort property.

  12. Westcott Bay Dock

    The aesthetics of our shoreline are important to San Juan County.