Clean Water Utility

Division History
Historically surface runoff and storm water from both public and private property has often found its way into the road side ditches and drainage systems of the County that were intended to serve the needs of the road itself. The result was that the system was all too often undersized and the expense of increasing the capacity of the system was borne by the road fund. Unfortunately the road fund dollars are specifically limited in their purpose and may not be used to provide drainage for anything other than roads.

At the same time that the funding issue was being discussed the County received an order from the Growth Management Hearings Board that required the County to improve its storm water planning for the urban growth areas and to provide funding to implement those plans.

In order to address both of these issues the County Commissioners created the Storm Water Utility to manage storm water.

Mission Statement
Improve flood protection, water quality, and groundwater recharge through education, coordination, development, maintenance, and management of storm water systems in an efficient and cost effective manner that considers the needs for protection of public health, private property, the natural environment, and economic development.
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