Statement of Problem

Ordinance 47-2008 (PDF) established the funding mechanism for the Utility and also officially described “the problem.”

Statement of the Problem
  • Uncontrolled storm water will jeopardize the quality of the Ground water and surface water and may damage the marine environment, which is the most pristine in the state of Washington.
  • Uncontrolled storm water has overwhelmed ditches, under mined road beds, damaged roadways and has caused localized flooding problems.
  • Current County building regulations require new construction to control the rate of water run off, and thereby improve quality of storm water run off, often at considerable expense to the owner. Even using all know best construction practices and technology, the aggregate amount of storm water run off becomes more contaminated as growth continues.
Since its inception the Utility staff has worked to pursue the purpose and address the problem as defined by the Council.