911 Communications

The communication center for Emergency Services (Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Medical) in the San Juans is located in the main office of the Sheriff in Friday Harbor. The center is fully enhanced and able to receive all land line 911 calls for assistance, and all cellular calls that dial 360-378-4141 for emergencies. All dispatchers are certified in Emergency Medical Dispatch. The communication section is staffed by Lead Dispatcher, Robin DeLaZerda, and 8 full-time dispatchers. The office is staffed 24 hours a day and covers all of San Juan County.

Dispatch Employee
Dispatchers are responsible for answering all 911 emergency calls, as well as non-emergency calls to the Sheriff's Office. This includes all law enforcement, fire and emergency medical service calls. Once the dispatcher has taken the information from the caller, the call will be dispatched to the appropriate responding units.

The dispatcher also does the majority of the computer data entry for the sheriff's office, prisoner tracking for the jail, and assists citizens at the lobby window in the office.