Community Services

  1. Community Development

    To support healthy, diverse, sustainable island communities, and a high quality of life through effective planning, administration, and enforcement of building and land use codes that balance and accommodate appropriate development of the community while protecting the natural environment.

    1. Search Permits and Pay Fees

    2. Permits, Forms & Information

      Permit forms, instructions, and sample drawings,contact information for electrical inquiries.

    3. Land Use

      Administers regulations, amends regulations, writes new regulations, establishes policies to clarify regulations, and provides staff support to Council and certain committees.

    4. Comprehensive Plan

      View the Comprehensive Plan file broken up by its sections and appendices.

    5. Maps

      Comprehensive Plan land use shoreline maps for the 3 districts, urban growth areas maps, Village and Hamlet Activity Centers, subarea plans, and other maps.

    6. Building

      The Building Division of the Community Development and Planning Department administers the State adopted codes, including the International Building, Residential, Mechanical, Fuel/Gas, and Existing Building Codes; the Uniform Plumbing Code and the State Energy and Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation Codes.

    7. Hearing Examiner

      Hears shoreline permits, conditional use permits, appeals of administrative determinations, long subdivisions.

    8. Code Enforcement

      Enforcement of buildng and land use codes

    9. Long Range Planning

      Long-Range Planning approaches land-use planning by studying environmental conditions and the cultural landscape, and then creating or changing County policy statements and the development regulations that carry those policies out.

    10. Commissions, Councils and Committees

    11. Developing shoreline property

      Shoreline and critical area regulations that apply to building a house, armoring, shoreline stabilization, shoreline modification, stairs to the beach, tree removal, bank erosion, designing bank protection, RPA, dock construction, dock repair, docks and piers, retaining walls and all development in the shoreline.

    12. Current Development Projects

      Documents for large or controversial development projects are placed on this page to allow for public access the project documents.

  2. Health & Community Services

    The Department of Health and Community Services provides a wide array of direct public health services and referral to additional social services available in the community.

    1. Administration

    2. Community Health

      Our goal is to provide population-based services and assure access to preventive health services in the community.

    3. Environmental Health

    4. Human Services

    5. Senior Services

      Senior Services programs are offered under contract with Northwest Regional Council through the San Juan County Health and Community Services Department with significant support from the Senior Services Council of San Juan County, Inc., a Washington 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.