County Government

  1. County Council

    Find out when the council meets and how the council is elected.

    1. Citizen Access Guidelines

      Review the guidelines to citizen input and scheduling time to speak at council meetings.

    2. Upcoming Council Agenda

    3. Council Hearing Room Live Stream

      Council Hearing Room Live Stream

    4. Council Agendas and Video

    5. Council Minutes

    6. Adopted Ordinances

    7. Pending Ordinances

      Pending Ordinances

    8. Pending Resolutions for Public Hearing

    9. Approved Resolutions

  2. Boards, Commissions & Committees

    Boards and commissions that serve the citizens of San Juan County.

    1. Agendas & Minutes

      Access easily searchable meeting agendas and minutes for various boards, commissions, and committees.

    2. Board & Committee Vacancies

      View a listing of board and committee vacancies and how to apply for one of the vacancies.

    3. Agricultural Resources Committee

      The Agricultural Resources Committee advises the Council about issues affecting the agricultural environment of the County by identifying emerging issues relating to local and regional agriculture.

    4. Agricultural Tax Advisory Committee

      The provides input on Agricultural Property Tax policies. Guiding resolution is Resolution 48-2012.

    5. AOC/LIO

      Recognizing that ecosystem recovery requires local actions to best motivate change, San Juan County and federally-recognized local tribes in cooperation with a state agency called the Puget Sound Partnership (PSP) established a Local Integrating Organization (LIO).

    6. Board of Equalization

      The Board of Equalization is wholly separate and apart from the Assessors Office. It is comprised of three County residents appointed by the San Juan County Council, and are selected for their knowledge of real estate values.

    7. Board of Health

      The Board of Health has responsibility over all matters pertaining to the preservation of the life and health of the people of San Juan County.

    8. Building Advisory Council

      Developed to assist the Council and Building Department regarding the implementation of building codes, public education regarding the construction and permit process, and to provide assistance or advice to the Council related to building code adoption and implementation in San Juan County.

    9. Citizens Salary Commission

      The Citizens Salary Commission shall have the duty as determined by the Commission to review and set the salaries of County Elected Officials.

    10. Civil Service Board

      This commission establishes a merit system of employment for county deputy sheriffs and other employees of the office of SJC Sheriff, thereby raising the standards and efficiency of such offices and law enforcement in general.

    11. Deer Harbor Plan Review Committee

    12. Districting Committee

      The Districting Committee proposes a districting plan for the boundaries of council member districts for the consideration and adoption by ordinance after a public hearing.

    13. Eastsound Design Review Committee

      The Eastsound Design Review Committee shall be empowered to grant design approval to projects which may not comply with the architectural standards.

    14. Eastsound Planning Review Committee

      The Eastsound Planning Review Committee shall advise the Planning Department, Planning Commission and Council on land use and development matters affecting Eastsound.

    15. Employee Safety Committee

      View the Employee Safety Committee agendas and minutes.

    16. Fair Board

      The Fair Board, through its appointed staff, directs and administers the management of the County fair and fairgrounds including buildings and equipment, and oversees the budget under the direction of the Council.

    17. Ferry Advisory Committee

      The Ferry Advisory Committee provides study and recommends resolutions in ferry transportation matters as these affect the San Juan Islands.

    18. Hearing Examiner

    19. Housing Bank Commission

      The Commission recommends affordable housing goals, strategies and programs to meet the affordable housing needs of the County.

    20. Human Services Advisory Board

      The Advisory Board oversees the aims, purposes and programs in the fields of public health, alcohol and drug abuse, developmental disabilities, mental health and early childhood education in accordance with WA State code and provides the Council and public with information and advice. This board consists of nine to fifteen members serving three-year staggered terms.

    21. Land Bank Commission

      The Land Bank shall preserve areas in SJC that have environmental, agricultural, aesthetic, and cultural value, and act as the mechanism to implement the acquisition of various real property interests in conservation areas as authorized law.

    22. Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

      The Lodging Tax Advisory Committee is an advisory committee to the Council and will review and comment on any proposed increase on the rate of tax imposed; repeal of an exemption from a tax imposed; change in the use of revenue received; or change in the SJC Code regarding Hotel/Motel funds.

    23. Lopez Island Library

      Find members on the Lopez Island Library committee.

    24. Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District

      The district oversees the operation of the Lopez Solid Waste Facility.

    25. Lopez Village Planning Review Committee

      A Lopez Village Planning Review Committee (LVPRC) was appointed by the County Council to develop a subarea plan proposal for the Lopez Village Urban Growth Area.

    26. Marine Resources Committee

      The Marine Resources Committee shall protect and restore the marine resources of San Juan Committee in furtherance of the benchmarks of the Murray-Metcalf Northwest Straits Citizen Advisory Commission.

    27. Northwest Senior Services

      Under the Northwest Regional Council this board advises the Area Agency on Aging and Council on the needs of area senior citizens and adults with functional disabilities.

    28. Noxious Weed Control Board

      The board is an advisory board to the County regarding the state noxious weed program and has rule making and administrative responsibilities under chapter 17.10 RCW, serving as responsible stewards of Washington by protecting and preserving the land and resources from the degrading impact of noxious weeds.

    29. Open Space Advisory Team

      The purpose of the Advisory Team is to provide an objective and diversified review and evaluation of the resources/features under consideration and develop recommendations for the Planning Department, Planning Commission and Council.

    30. Orcas Library Committee

      Find out who the members are in the Orcas Library Committee.

    31. Parks & Recreation Commission

      The Commission is a volunteer citizen's advisory body appointed by the San Juan County Council.

    32. Planning Commission

      Planning Commission advises Community Development and Council on land use issues, code and comprehensive plan amendments and open space applications.

    33. San Juan Island Library

      Here you will find members and contact information for the library committee.

    34. Solid Waste Advisory Committee

      The SWAC shall advise on all aspects of solid waste management planning; assist in the development of programs and policies concerning solid waste management; and recommend appropriate public policy to the Council and the Friday Harbor Town Council.

    35. Stormwater Citizens Advisory Committee

      Ordinance 47-2008 established the Citizens Storm Water Advisory Committee, providing for the establishment, exemption, administration and appeals of storm water service charges.

    36. Veterans Advisory Board

      Here you will find member term information and background on the board.

    37. Water Resource Management Committee

      The Water Resources Management Committee shall serve as the designated planning unit for watershed planning under the Watershed Management Act of 1998

  3. County Code

    The Clerk of the County Council's Office has the official version of the San Juan County Code. Users should contact the Clerk of the County Council's Office for ordinances passed subsequently.

  4. Adopted Ordinances

    View the San Juan County adopted ordinances.

  5. Pending Ordinances

    Pending Ordinances

  6. Approved Resolutions


  7. Pending Resolutions for Public Hearing