County Management

  1. County Manager

    An Administrative Services Department was created in 1994 to assist the Board of Commissioners in handling internal tasks necessary for a organization with over 200 full and part-time employees.

    1. County Manager

    2. Information Services

      Information Services provides technology management for all County departments.

    3. Inter-Local Agreements

      View a listing of inter-local agreements for San Juan County.

    4. Legal Claims

      Effective July 26, 2009, a state law is effective that changes the tort claim filing requirements for tort claims against state and local government entities, including San Juan County.

    5. Public Records Request

      San Juan County Public Records Procedures can be found in the County Code Chapter 2.108.

    6. PFFAP Program Applications

    7. Current RFQs

      Current Open RFQs

  2. Board of Equalization

    The board is directed by state law, Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and Washington Administrative Code (WAC).

  3. GIS

    While GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems, you can better imagine it as the marriage of information (such as a spreadsheet) and a map.

    1. Addressing

      The address of your house or business plays an important role in helping 911 responders locate the site of an emergency.

    2. Open Data

      The Open Data website allows you to do more with public data. You can filter data, use charts to visualize data, and interact with data on custom web maps. You also have more options for downloading data formats including Google Earth (KML), Esri Shapefiles (SHP), and Microsoft Office spreadsheets (CSV).

    3. GIS Links

      Search through links to helpful GIS information.

    4. Maps

      Available Online Map Applications

    5. GIS Information Listserv

    6. Data Download Library

      Spatial data made available here for downloading is provided in ESRI shape file format.

  4. Human Resources

    Find benefit information, job descriptions, current job openings, and employment applications.

    1. Employment

      View how to apply for current open positions within San Juan County.

    2. Job Openings

      List of current job openings at San Juan County.

    3. Benefit Information

      View benefit resources and presentations.

    4. Job Descriptions

      View a listing of job descriptions by department.