Affordable Housing

Stable affordable housing is the foundation upon which community members build fulfilling lives.  San Juan County Health & Community Services works together with many community partners and the Housing Bank Commission in an effort to provide housing solution and reduce homelessness in our community.  

Our affordable housing program manages a variety of state grants and local recording surcharge funds designated for affordable housing.  We provide limited direct housing assistance (Homeownership Assistance Program) and services.  Our primary focus is working with and maintaining relationships with local providers of affordable housing.  For additional information, see the Affordable Housing Frequently Asked Questions document.

 Programs we provide include: 

  • Award funds to organizations and providers of low-income housing.
  • Provide rental subsidies directly to Apartment Management Companies for qualifying low-income residents.
  • Conduct, with the assistance of numerous volunteers, the annual Point in Time Count of homeless people.
  • Administer the Loan Program for First Time Homebuyers.
  • Provide staff support to the Housing Bank Commission, an advisory board to the county council