NoPhotoTamara Greene, Legal Assistant to Randall Gaylord & Jon Cain

Tamara moved to San Juan Island in 1993.  She originally first joined the Prosecutor's office in 1996 as a temporary hire.  She moved on to work in SJC Board of County Commissioners office from 1997 until November 2003.  At that point, Tamara married and started a family.  Flash forward 12 years.  The kids were in school.  Tamara missed the atmosphere and camaraderie at the County and luckily, there was an opening at the Prosecutor's office. Outside of the office, Tamara enjoys her time with her family, gardening and riding her horses. 
Donna DePamphilisDonna DePamphilis, Legal Assistant (Land Use/Child Support)

Kim LambieKim Lambie, Legal Assistant (District Court)

Heather SmithHeather Smith, Legal Assistant (Superior Court)

NoPhoto Audrey Hansen, Victim Advocate

NoPhoto Nancy Vejvoda, Victim Advocate