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The County’s Charter calls for a review by an elected Charter Review Commission after five full years of operation under the new form of government, and at least every ten years thereafter. The County’s home rule charter was adopted by voters in 2005 and put in place in 2006.

The Charter Review Commission began work on January 7, 2012, electing Gordon Peterson as its Chair and Maureen See as its Vice-Chair. The Commisssion plans to conduct regular, public meetings with notices posted on the County's online calender. Relevant documents and web links will be posted on Charter Review Commission's Document Page.

The 21 members of the Charter Review Commission were elected in the November 8 election. Membership slots were allotted by Council district, with population factored in. Ten members are from districts on San Juan Island, 7 from Orcas, and 4 from Lopez/Shaw.


District 1 (SJI South)
Gordon Petersen (Chair)
Maureen See (Vice-Chair)
Mary Jean Cahail
District 2 (SJI North)
William Watson
Robert Levinson Ronald Zee
Janice Peterson
District 3 (Friday Harbor)
James Stegall
Frank Penwell
Thomas Starr
District 4 (Orcas West)
Robert Gamble
William Appel
Edwin Sutton Ralph Gutschmidt
District 5 (Orcas East)
Moana Kutsche
Leonard Wood
Stephen Garrison
District 6 (Lopez/Shaw)
Madrona Murphy
Larry Hendel
Richard Ward
Barbara C. Thomas