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Over a period of three months, which began February 5, 2013, the San Juan County Council is engaging citizens in a series of conversations designed to be a resource for what, in a sense, will be a new beginning for County government in May of 2013.

The first three conversations have been completed and summaries and resource documents from those conversation sessions are available on this website.

The final conversations on Priorities of Government will run April 16 through April 18
(see schedule).

These conversations take place as the county begins to climb out of the economic downturn and the structure of its government is in transition.

The "Community Conversation is a series of four countywide round table discussions on (1) Quality of Life, (2) Public Services, (3) The Economy and Jobs, and (4) Priorities of Government. Each topic in the series will be repeated in sessions on Lopez, Orcas, and San Juan Islands over a two-and-a-half month period. An additional session encompassing all four topics will be held on Shaw Island.

“This is not a County show and tell,” said County Council Chair Jamie Stephens. “These meetings are being held so we can hear your thoughts and ideas about living, working and enjoying life in the Islands, and what you need from the County government.”

The discussions in each session take place in small groups with each group discussing the issues and reporting out the ideas discussed and conclusions it reached to the entire group.  The round table format gives everyone a chance to participate and be heard. During the week in which each conversation is taking place, citizens are also able to offer input through the “Conversation Blog” on this website.

At the end of each round of Conversations, a summary of the discussions are posted in this section of the County’s website as background for the continuing Conversations. The final report will be presented to the new three-member County Council, which will take office in May.

The meeting schedule, topics, background documents and additional information are available in this section of the website. A blog will be available to take citizen comments online while the conversations are underway and updates and discussion summaries will be posted regularly on this website.