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Stormwater Utility


Improve flood protection, water quality, and groundwater recharge through education, coordination, development, maintenance, and management of stormwater systems in an efficient and cost effective manner that considers the needs for protection of public health, private property, the natural environment, and economic development.

Why does the County need a stormwater utility?

San Juan County recently created a stormwater utility to address flooding and water quality problems that impact property and the environment. These types of problems are not easily attributed to a single source, and are usually the result of a combination of things that increase the amount of impervious surfaces (roads, driveways, and development) and affect water quality (erosion, fertilizers, and petroleum products).

According to the latest growth projections, the county is expected to grow by 31% over the next 20 years, from a 2005 population of 15,500 to a 2025 population of 22, 534. This growth means that there will be more impervious surfaces created by new homes, roads, and driveways and that existing flooding and water quality problems will worsen. Addressing these problems through the stormwater utility will help to ensure responsible and sustainable development and will help to protect San Juan County's environment.

How was the stormwater utility created?

In November 2005, the San Juan County Board of County Commissioners passed Ordinance 14- 2005 that established the County's Stormwater Utility. The ordinance authorized the San Juan County Department of Public Works to develop the utility in a way that best addresses the county's flooding and water quality problems.

In May 2006 a citizen Stormwater Utility Steering Committee was convened to make recommendations to the County regarding the utility's mission statement, goals, and funding/rate structure. After five meetings, the Committee reached agreement on its recommendations and submitted them in a letter to the County Council in September 2006.

For more information about the stormwater utility, contact Ed Hale: (360) 370-0532 edh@sanjuanco.com