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Storm Drainage/Grading Code Update

The County is updating its storm drainage regulations in San Juan County Code (SJCC) 18.60.070. This project also involves updates to the following code sections:

  • SJC Chapter 18.20 Definitions
  • SJCC 18.60.050 Density, dimensions & open space
  • SJCC 18.60.060 Grading
  • SJCC 18.60.080 - .100 Roads
  • SJCC 18.60.120 Parking
  • SJCC 18.60.160 Landscaping
  • SJCC 18.80.090 Procedures for provisional/conditional uses

Project Background

Updating the County’s stormwater regulations and incorporating low impact development provisions into code were priorities for previous County Councils.  To help advance this effort, the County applied for and received a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency and began working with stakeholders. A summary of preliminary stakeholder input is provided in the Summary of Stakeholder Input through May 2013. The current County Council gave staff direction to move forward with the project in June and advised staff about an update strategy. Planning Commission was briefed on the preliminary strategy in July.

Update Strategy

Briefing Presentations

Pre-2013 Project Information

Background Materials and Resources

Manuals and Technical Resources


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