Recreation, Open Space, and Stewardship Plan

San Juan County updated its six-year Recreation, Open Space, and Stewardship Plan (ROSS Plan) in 2022. This Plan (formerly known as the Parks, Trails, Natural Areas, and Non-motorized Transportation Plan) guides action and investment in San Juan County’s wide variety of outdoor spaces and facilities for the next six years. It describes existing parks and facilities, community priorities, and defines an action plan to support the County’s vision. 

The County held a series of Open Houses throughout October of 2022 where public comments was accepted. The Parks, Recreation and Fair Department, Conservation Land Bank, and Department of Environmental Stewardship, along with members of the public, all worked together to update the Plan. 

  1. About the ROSS Plan
  2. Public Process

The ROSS Plan supports the community’s vision of an interconnected system of parks and natural areas that: 

  • Provides easy access to the water and natural areas
  • Celebrates island culture, character, and a healthy environment
  • Is delivered through efficient programs and innovative partnerships

The updated Plan incorporates residents’ wants and needs, updates to parks and facilities, and progress made toward the past Plan’s goals and strategies. It will incorporate and build on community feedback from recent engagement efforts for the 2022 San Juan County Sustainable Tourism Management Plan.  

This plan update is designed to maintain the County’s eligibility for state parks, recreation, and conservation grant funding after the current plan expires on November 1st.  

View and download the Ross Plan by clicking HERE.