Current Use Timber Land

Please direct all questions regarding the application process and status of your application to Community Development. 

Program Benefit

The program allows property owners to have their open space land valued at their current use rather than at their highest and best use.

  1. Qualifying Definition
  2. Application Process

Per RCW 84.34.020(3), Timber land is any parcel of land that is five or more acres, or multiple parcels of land that are contiguous and total five or more acres that are devoted primarily to the growth and harvest of timber for commercial purposes.

To qualify for timber land classification:

  • Land must be used primarily for the growth and harvest of timber for commercial purposes.
  • It must be five or more contiguous acres (land that adjoins and touches other land owned by the same owner or held under the same ownership). (WAC 458-30-200(2)(o))
  • There are no statutory gross income requirements but the land must be managed with intent to grow and harvest timber for commercial purposes.
  • There is no homesite allowance for land in this classification. All homesites must be valued at fair market value.
  • No more than ten percent of the land can be used for incidental uses that are compatible with the growing and harvesting of timber.