Resources for Voters with Disabilities

Provides free advocacy for people with disabilities, including disability rights information, voting rights and community education. Disability Rights Washington is the designated Protection & Advocacy agency for the State of Washington
(800) 562-2702

Provides advocacy to secure election access for voters with a wide range of disabilities – including but not limited to, voters with mental, cognitive, visual and other sensory, and physical disabilities.
(202) 408-9514 (voice)
(220) 408-9521 (TTY)

Works to ensure voters with a wide range of disabilities are provided access to polling places and voting equipment. (202) 521-4304

Provides disability advocates and elections officials with information about accessible voting.
(410) 659-9314

Works to improve the lives of people with mental illness through changes in voting rights policy and law.
(410) 659-9314

Provides information about accessible voting design to elections officials and voters with disabilities.
(800) 872-2253 (voice)
(800) 993-2822 (TTY)

Develops guidelines for accessible voting systems.
(866) 747-1471

Works to ensure that elections officials are in compliance with federal laws that protect the rights of people with disabilities.
(800) 253-3931 (voice/TTY)