Current Development Projects

The following projects are currently under review in the Community Development Department. 

Inter-Island Propane - PCUP00-17-0018

Whaleback LLC Bulkhead PSJ000-12-0019 & PSJXMP-15-0028

  1. Exhibit 1 Shoreline Permit Application
  2. Exhibit 2 Permit Receipt
  3. Exhibit 3 McEnery Brogan requesting site plan
  4. Exhibit 4 Brogan McEnery content of site plan
  5. Exhibit 5 Request for Review
  6. Exhibit 6a EMAIL_legal ad
  7. Exhibit 6b EMAIL_revised legal ad
  8. Exhibit 6c Publication Notice
  9. Exhibit 6d Declaration of Mailing Notice
  10. Exhibit 6e Declaration of Posting Sign
  11. Exhibit 7 JARPA
  12. Exhibit 8a email cover for 8 b and 8c
  13. Exhibit 8b Potential effect of removal
  14. Exhibit 8c Ordinary High Water
  15. Exhibit 9 Potential effects of partial removal of new shoreline protection
  16. Exhibit 10a Geotech engineering evaluation, proposed new beach house BUILDG 10 0268
  17. Exhibit 10b Geotechnical considerations related to removal of bulkhead
  18. Exhibit 10c Geotech engineering conclusions and recommendations
  19. Exhibit 10d Peer Review of geotechnical and associated reports
  20. Exhibit 11a Topo Site Plan
  21. Exhibit 11b Topo Site Plan, Red marked WDFW Reaches
  22. Exhibit 11c cropped Site Plan BUILDG-10-0268
  23. Exhibit 11d Shoreline jurisdiction on aerial photo
  24. Exhibit 11e WDFW Reach Map
  25. Exhibit 11f Site Plan and cross section BUILDG-10-0268
  26. Exhibit 11g Cross section BUILDG-10-0268
  27. Exhibit 12a Chaffee Photos 06-27-2010
  28. Exhibit 12b Applicant Photos 01-16-2011
  29. Exhibit 12c Needham photos 01-27-2011 and 02-01-2011 and 02-03-2011
  30. Exhibit 12d Runstad photos 01-16-2011
  31. Exhibit 12e Laws Photos - 02-22-2011
  32. Exhibit 12f Laws Photos - 03-22-2011
  33. Exhibit 12g Hensel photos 10-31-2012
  34. Exhibit 12h McEnery photos 01-15-2013
  35. Exhibit 12i Assessor and Ecy Photos
  36. Exhibit 13 WDFW HPA Violation Report
  37. Exhibit 14a WDFW report Case WA-11-001018
  38. Exhibit 14b WDFW report color photos
  39. Exhibit 15 STAFF_LAWS_Letter to Atty Brogan re Notice of Correction
  40. Exhibit 16 STAFF_Beliveau to PA Analysis
  41. Exhibit 17a FEMA requirements
  42. Exhibit 17b FEMA flood hazard boundary
  43. Exhibit 17c Grading seaward of house
  44. Exhibit 17d Drainage Plan
  45. Exhibit 17e FEMA info, change hearing date
  46. Exhibit 17f HPA submittal requirements
  47. Exhibit 17g DFW beach gravel
  48. Exhibit 18a FEMA information
  49. Exhibit 18b updated FEMA requirements
  50. Exhibit 18c Update application status
  51. Exhibit 18d Laws to WDFW update application status
  52. Exhibit 19a Potala decision vesting
  53. Exhibit 19b timeline for submittal of additional information
  54. Exhibit 20a Site Plan Request
  55. Exhibit 20b Procedure for removal of round rock
  56. Exhibit 20c procedure for removal of round rock
  57. Exhibit 20d Process to revise applications
  58. Exhibit 20e Cover letter for 4616 Horvitz geotech memo
  59. Exhibit 20f FSJ request for enforcement on previous unpermitted bulkhead
  60. Exhibit 20g Cover sheet for FSJ previous unpermitted bulkhead
  61. Exhibit 20h Timeline
  62. Exhibit 21 Gaylord memo on FSJ request for enforcement
  63. Exhibit 22 86XMP023 1986 Exemption
  64. Exhibit 23a Stormwater Plan (Gossett) for BUILDG 10 0268
  65. Exhibit 23b Revised stormwater Plan (Gossett) BUILDG-10-0268
  66. Exhibit 24a FSJ ATF Bulkhead
  67. Exhibit 24b Ecology Comments
  68. Exhibit 25 Application Packet
  69. Exhibit 26 Permit Receipt
  70. Exhibit 27 GIS Maps
  71. Exhibit 28 Supplemental Application Info
  72. Exhibit 29a Vesting and status of exemption
  73. Exhibit 29b Status of exemption
  74. Exhibit 29c Submittal information
  75. Exhibit 29d Brogan Gaylord McEnery email
  76. Exhibit 29e Brogan McEnery update on site plan
  77. Exhibit 30a DNR McEnery request for review
  78. Exhibit 30b Clarify site plan
  79. Exhibit 30c Clarify site plan 2nd request
  80. Exhibit 30d Modify site plan, removal of round rock
  81. Exhibit 30e Response to modification
  82. Exhibit 30f Acknowledgment of process