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San Juan Marine Resources Committee

The San Juan County Marine Resources Committee (MRC) was started in 1996 as a grassroots effort to establish local management of marine resources.

Representatives from the Port of Friday Harbor, commercial and recreational fishing, the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Labs, local businesses, environmental organizations, long-term residents, San Juan County and Tribal governments bring a diversity of perspectives and expertise to the San Juan MRC.

The MRC works toward the achievement of our mission by:

  • Advising the San Juan County Council on marine resource issues
  • Participating in local and regional processes affecting marine resource management
  • Developing resources for local marine science, ecosystem preservation and recovery projects
  • Raising awareness and engaging citizens in marine issues
  • Managing marine preservation and recovery projects

The seven county-based Marine Resource Committees in the Puget Sound region are supported by federal funding through the Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative. The MRCs develop and accomplish restoration and conservation projects that meet performance benchmarks, engaging many community members in the process. The Northwest Straits Commission coordinates these efforts. Link to the MRC website