How to Calculate Property Tax

To calculate property taxes you need 2 pieces of information:

How to Calculate Taxes


(Assessed Value ÷ $1,000) x Tax Rate = Tax Bill


Assessed Value = $400,000
Tax Rate = 8.00
Tax Bill = ($400,000 ÷ $1,000) x 8.00 = $3,200

How do I find my Tax Rate?

Your tax rate is based on the Tax Code Area (TCA) of your property. TCAs are geographical areas covered by different combinations of tax levies. There are 19 TCAs in San Juan County. Your TCA is printed on your Notice of Value and on your Tax Statement. 

Example for Property on Shaw Island:

Please click here to see the general boundaries of the TCAs in San Juan County. The TCA for Shaw Island is 101. 

Shaw Island TCAPlease click here to find the Tax Rate for each TCA. The Tax Rate for TCA 101 is 5.35.

Assessed Value = $400,000
Tax Rate = 5.35
Tax Bill = ($400,000 ÷ $1,000) x 5.35 = $2,140