2019 Shoreline Master Program Periodic Update

Upright Head Preserve

A periodic review of the County’s Shoreline Master Program (SMP) is required by WAC 173-26-090.  This update will assure consistency of the  SMP with the SJC Comprehensive Plan and development regulations. It will:

  • Bring the SJC SMP into compliance with  requirements of the Shoreline Management Act that have been added or changed since the last review;
  • Respond to changes in Ecology’s guidelines;
  • Ensure consistency with comprehensive plans and regulations; and
  • Incorporate amendments to reflect changed circumstances, new information, or improved data.

The County Council adopted the SMP periodic review with Ordinance 08-2020 on October 27, 2020.  Ordinance 08-2020 is effective 14 days after the WA State Department of Ecology approves the proposed amendments.  The WA State Department of Ecology approved the proposed amendments on January 19, 2021.  Ordinance 08-2020 will be effective on February 2, 2021.

Ordinance 08-2020

WA State Department of Ecology Approval Letter, dated January 19, 2021

WA State Department of Ecology Approval Letter, Attachment A, dated January 19, 2021

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