COVID-19 SJC Data Dashboard

Total Cases to Date

Total Cases to Date^ Lopez Island Orcas Island San Juan Island Shaw Island Outer Islands
166 21 41 102 1 1

^The information above is updated once details of case are confirmed, usually daily.


Cases to date includes both: confirmed cases (with a positive molecular test, including PCR.), and probable cases (with a positive antigen test and symptomatic).

This data come from the most reliable sources we have at the time of reporting. This data only tracks cases that have required active case investigation in San Juan County (sometimes cases occur with individuals with San Juan addresses, but who have not been in islands for some time). These numbers may differ from Washington State’s reported numbers or data from other organizations tracking this situation. Differences can occur if, for example, a patient is flown to the mainland and reports of their status are not returned to their county of residence in a timely way or if other offices are slow to attribute data properly to San Juan County. Members of the general public may learn of the status of certain cases before we do and before we confirm them on this page. We will try our best to keep this page current and accurate.  Please note that sometimes positive patients move locations from one county to another and this can complicate or cause inconsistencies in county reporting numbers, numbers may increase or decrease due to these adjustments. We assure you that our data will be as accurate and reliable as possible even if we are sometimes slower than other sources of island information.  We intend to provide accurate information while also respecting the privacy of those who become ill with COVID-19.

Total Number of All SJC Tests to Date (both positive and negative)

Total Number of SJC Tests to Date* 7955                                                                

NOTE re: TEST RESULTS: As of March 22, 2021, local reporting for total number of tests to date will cease. The most up to date information around testing may be found at the WA DOH Data Dashboard, under the "Testing" tab

Current Actively Monitored Cases*

IslandActive Cases
Lopez Island0
Orcas Island0
San Juan Island12
Shaw Island0
Outer Islands0

Immunization Deliveries (1st & 2nd Doses) by SJC Health & Community Services Team**

IslandImmunizations to Date (1st or 2nd dose)
Lopez Island1350
Orcas Island2887
San Juan Island3692
Other Islands^36
Distributed to Provider190

Total number of tests to date, actively monitored cases, and immunization delivery information is updated weekly, usually on Fridays. It reflects a snapshot in time. Last update on 4/9. 

Number of vaccinations given by all providers in San Juan County is available on the DOH Data Dashboard, via the "Vaccinations" tab at far right.

*Note that "Actively Monitored Cases" are those cases involving confirmed positive individuals who are still in the infectious period of their illness, are required to remain in isolation, and are being carefully monitored by San Juan County public health staff. An individual can have ongoing long-term symptoms of COVID and no longer be infectious. For detailed information on COVID infectious period, please review this information from the US Centers for Disease Control

**Note that at this time, the only immunizations being tracked are those administered by the San Juan County Health & Community Services vaccination team (which includes National Guard supported efforts). Other local medical providers may/will be delivering vaccine. Total numbers for County are available on the DOH Data Dashboard.

^Note that "Other Islands" for Immunizations to date does not capture residents of other islands who have been vaccinated on a larger island. For example, a number of Shaw Island first responders were vaccinated on San Juan Island.