Attorney Representation for Indigent Tenants

A new law in 2021 created a right to counsel for indigent tenants. If you would like an attorney, you must be screened to find out if you qualify:

Eviction Resolution Pilot Program (ERPP)

San Juan County recently implemented an Eviction Resolution Pilot Program. Landlords must attempt resolution through the ERPP before filing in Superior Court to evict a tenant for failure to pay rent. The objective of the ERPP is to:
  • Bring all parties to the table with the assistance of qualified and trained Eviction Resolution Specialists;
  • Explore the amount of rent owed, the circumstances of the tenant, the availability of rent assistance and other help to pay past due rent; and/or arrange a reasonable payment plan; and
  • Reach a compromise agreement between landlord and tenant that allows the tenant to keep their housing and that avoids the need to file an eviction proceeding.

ERPP Resources

  • San Juan County Superior Court’s Standing Order for Implementation of an Eviction Resolution Pilot Program
  • Mandatory ERPP Notice (when a landlord seeks eviction based on failure to pay rent, the landord must provide an ERPP Notice to the tenant)
  • Rental Assistance Request form (landlords may choose to assst their tenants by submitting this form to
  • Sample certification the Dispute Resolution Center will issue when the landlord’s obligation to initiate an ERPP resolution has been completed
  • Phone number for Dispute Resolution Center, 425-339-1335 (Option 4)
  • Northwest Justice Project Eviction Defense Screening Line flier
  • Dispute Resolution Center,
  • Enabling Order from Washington State Supreme Court

Rental Assistance

There may be State and/or Federal assistance available for Landlords and Tenants.

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Apply Online:

San Juan Rental Assistance Tenant

San Juan Rental Assistance Landlord

Can't apply online? Contact the Opportunity Council: 360-734-5121 ext:308

Island Housing Resource Centers:

San Juan Island: Joyce L. Sobel Family Resource Center

Orcas Island: Orcas Community Resource Center

Lopez Island: Lopez Island Family Resource Center 

More Information:

Detailed program information (from Joyce L. Sobel Family Resource Center)

Publication for Tenants and Landlords - English

Publication for Tenants and Landlords - Spanish