Climate Action

Rainbow over Eagle Cove by Tom Dichiara

In recognition of the serious threat climate change poses to our environment and community, San Juan County resolved to respond and adapt to climate change with Resolution 20-2020. Since 2020, the County has implemented actions following our 20-2020 resolution to address climate action.  The Climate Progress Report outlines activities implemented between 2020-2021 by the County to deliver on our environmental stewardship. 

County EVIn 2021, the County’s Climate & Sustainability Program was established to further mobilize the effort to foster a climate-resilient, regenerative community. Our current priority is the development of a comprehensive and effective Climate Action Plan that meets our community’s needs.

The Climate and Sustainability Advisory Committee was established by the San Juan County Council in early 2022 to ensure coordination and communication of actions across departments and to feed into existing County advisory committees and commissions. The committee advises on policy, helps set priorities, and harnesses the momentum of existing work to help steer the County’s climate action plan. The goal is to provide opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas and to increase collaboration around climate and sustainability efforts throughout San Juan County. 

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