Room Privileges

  • If staff cannot determine who is making the noise, the entire facility will be declared a security risk and locked down. The lock down will continue until the source of the noise is identified.
  • Standard issue of sheets, blankets, pillow and pillow case will remain in your room unless you create a disturbance that convinces staff that you are a danger to yourself. In such cases, everything is removed from your room until you settle down and are no longer a danger to yourself.
  • The following items are allowed in your room for your entertainment at any one time: two books, one Bible or other similar book, one deck of cards.
  • Yelling, banging, making loud noises, harassing of others etc. is not allowed.
  • You may carry on appropriate conversations with persons in rooms directly next to your room.
  • You may not communicate with kids in recreation while you are in your room.
  • You must keep your door window uncovered at all times. For safety and security reasons the staff must be able to see you at all times.