Minor Rule Violations

Generally, a minor violation is one that does not threaten the security of the facility or the safety of others. It is, however, a clear rule violation with little if any attempt to correct the behavior. Minor violations are included in the daily point score. It is possible to earn at least a 2.0 daily average point score in spite of a minor rule violation. Thus, it is worth the effort to correct your behavior. A minor violation will, however, result in the loss of one half hour of whatever recreation you earn for that day or the loss of the next lunch or dinner out of room meal privilege which ever comes first.

Minor rule violations Include but are not limited to:
  • Constant arguing with detention staff in spite of repeated warnings (arguing with detention staff about point score is an automatic major violation).
  • Disruptive behavior such as inappropriate topics of conversation (drugs, crimes, sex, etc.), loud conversations, or other aggravating behaviors that do not, in the judgment of staff, rise to the level of major violations.
  • Makes consistently poor transfers.
  • Requires constant reminders and prodding before complying with a rule or rules.
  • Violates a minor rule and does not correct his/her behavior (such as sitting on the table, going back to bed after room cleaning).