Fee Schedule

Anti-harassment Protection Order Filing Fee   $73
Civil / Filing Counter Claim Fee   $73
Domestic Violence Protection Order Filing Fee Charge   No Charge
Ex-Parte Fee   $20
Jury Demand   $125
Name Changes Petitions   $156
Prepare Transcript of Judgment   $20
Supplemental Proceedings   $20
Writ of Garnishment   $12

Small Claims
Small Claim / Counter Claim Filing in Person  
 Filing by Mail $24
Transcript of Judgment   $20

 Appellate Filing Fee  
 Appeal Record Preparation Fee

Certified Copy of Court Records   $5
CD Copy of Audio Recording   $20
Research for Court Records   $20 per hour
Research for Administrative Records (second hour forward)   $30 per hour
Copies/Scanning   $0.15 per page