Report a Vessel

How to Report a Vessel

If you think you have come across a vessel of concern the first step is to asses the immediate condition of the vessel.

Vessel Emergency

If it is an Emergency, call 911! If it appears that the vessel is in imminent danger of sinking, is in the process of sinking, or is releasing pollutants into the water, call 911 and report it to the Sheriff's Office (Contacts: Deputy Doug Maya or Sergeant Zach Reimer). Do not board the vessel yourself! Take note of where the vessel is located, if the vessel is moving (due to wind or tides), the estimated size of the vessel, and whether it poses an imminent threat to persons or property. If possible, take a picture. After notifying the Sheriff's Office then call the Derelict Vessel Program at 360-370-7587

Vessel Non-Emergency

If not an Emergency, call the Derelict Vessel Program at 360-370-7587. If the vessel is not in critical condition and does not pose an imminent threat to persons or property, but it is showing signs of neglect, contact the Derelict Vessel Program Coordinator Marta Green by phone at 360-370-7587 or

Signs of neglect:
  • Boats with an expired registration.
  • Boats that list to one side.
  • Boats covered with unusual quantities of growth of algae, moss, grass, or other plant material.
  • Boats with a bilge pump that runs frequently to expel water from the hull.
  • Boats leaking fluids such as oil, fuel, or waste.
  • Boats with severe external deterioration of wood, paint, or other materials.
  • Boat owners or live-aboards who throw waste or other materials into the water.
  • Boats that drift from moorage or docks.
  • Boats that appear to be illegally moored and have not moved in more than 30 days.
For your protection and the privacy of others, please do not board the vessel yourself!

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Please CALL for permission before taking your boat to a facility.