Accessory Dwelling Units

ADUs, commonly called Guest Houses, are defined in the San Juan County Code as: 
Accessory dwelling unit (ADU)" means a living area that is accessory to the principal residence, located on the same lot, and that    provides for sleeping quarters, kitchen, and sanitation facilities. An ADU may be internal, attached or detached. 
Within land use districts located inside of the boundaries of activity centers and urban growth areas, there is no restriction on the number of permits for detached accessory dwelling units. Outside of the boundaries of activity centers and urban growth areas, there are nine (9) permits for the construction of new ADUs and two (2) permits for the conversion of existing accessory structures (legally in existence for five years) available for 2019.

San Juan County Department of Community Development (DCD) is accepting applications for detached ADU permits proposed outside of urban growth areas and activity centers until 4:30 pm February 11, 2019.





for Accessory Dwelling Units

SJCC 18.40.270, "Vacation rental of residences or ADUs"  says:
"Detached accessory dwelling units established under SJCC 18.40.240 cannot be separately leased or rented for less than 30 days."  Detached ADUs established after 6/29/2007 cannot be used for vacation rental.  (Ord. 7-2006 amended by Ord. 12-2007)