Senior Citizens / Disabled Persons Tax Relief Program 

The purpose of the Senior/Disabled Tax Exemption program is to allow senior citizens and/or disabled persons the ability to remain in their homes in spite of rising property taxes. The exemption program “freezes” the assessed value of the applicant’s primary residence and reduces the tax amount due based on the applicant’s level of income. The exemption program is a “gift” and a tax shift to other taxpayers.

The exemption is available for a primary residence and one acre of land. If local zoning requires more than one acre of land per residence, you may be eligible for a property tax exemption on up to five acres.

Program Benefits

The qualifying applicant receives a reduction in the amount of property taxes due. The amount of the reduction is based on the applicant's income, the value of the residence, and the local levy rates.

Eligibility Requirements

Property used as a vacation home is not eligible for the exemption program. 
Vacant land is not eligible for the exemption program. 

To be eligible for this program you must meet (1) the age or disability, (2) ownership, (3) residency, and (4) income requirements. To find out more about the requirements, please click here.