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We preserve our fresh water resources, protect the marine environment, and manage recycling and solid waste throughout the County by implementing projects and programs in partnership with others.

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Clean Water Utility

o n e   w a t e r ,   c l e a n   w a t e r 

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The quality and quantity of our island waters are managed by the Clean Water Utility, in conjunction with the County Health Department, local water providers, and conscientious private citizens. Learn about the projects and programs being implemented to protect - surface water, storm water, ground water, marine waters - which combined make up our one water, clean water.  

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Marine Program

s t e w a r d s h i p   o f   t h e   S a l i s h   S e a 

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The preservation and restoration of our marine environment flows from our actions on land and water, to our beaches, eelgrass and kelp beds, and the dynamic troughs of the Salish Sea. Learn about what the County does to protect and recover our waters, forage fish habitat, salmon, Southern Resident killer whales, and other marine wildlife. 

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Solid Waste Management

c l e a n ,   s u s t a i n a b l e   i s l a n d   l i v i n g 

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Maintaining clean and beautiful islands requires thoughtful programs that support waste reduction, recycling, composting, and proper waste disposal, in coordination with others. Learn about the County's efforts to support hazardous waste removal, derelict vessel prevention and removal, community litter cleanup events, recycling and composting, plastics and waste reduction, and solid waste disposal. 

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