Lopez Village Subarea Plan



The Lopez Village Planning Review Committee was appointed by the County Council to develop a subarea plan proposal of the Lopez Village Urban Growth Area.  The plan must be consistent with but more specific than the Comprehensive Plan.  It will include specific policies, regulations, design standards and land use maps that will guide future development.

The project will build on the results of past participation efforts and design workshops.  It will also be designed to address existing concerns and needs.  Based on prior planning efforts, the Committee may focus on many issues, including but not limited to land use, capital improvements, development regulations, design standards, landscaping, parking, stormwater, habitat and pedestrian connectivity.  This new effort will also ensure that the policies and plans created for Lopez Village address existing concerns and meet the local vision and needs.

Once draft proposals have been shepherded through  the Lopez Village public participation process they will be transmitted to the Planning Commission and County Council for review and action.

If you would like further notices and updates pertaining to this project, please sign up for email  notices on the project ListServe.  Future public notifications will be generated from the ListServe.
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