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Posted on: April 4, 2023

Council Meeting Review: April 4, 2023

Council meeting review

This meeting included a discussion on the Argyle Lots development, review of an opioid settlement program, and more.

This document is a review of the County Council meeting, Tuesday, April 4, 2023. Information related to agenda changes, Consent Agenda, and Public Comment are on the County website. For additional information about what was discussed, please refer to the recording.  


•The Auditor’s Office requests for approval of payroll expenditures for the pay period ending 2/21/2023 and warrants issued for the weeks of February 27, March 13, and March 20, 2023.

•A Resolution to update the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Designating Custodians of the Petty Cash.

Council voted to approve the consent agenda items.  


A draft letter to support Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative Reauthorization.

This correspondence was moved to the April 18 meeting.  


To approve a resolution to Dispose of Surplus County Personal Property by Public Auction, Van Avery, Fleet Manager.

The County’s Fleet Manager, Van Avery, discussed the selling of County equipment by public auction. As new equipment arrives, old equipment gets parked for sale – typically in the fall and spring. The equipment gets offered to other departments first and values are based off of Blue Book / NADA, past sales, and surveys. A notice is placed in the paper and auction companies such as Public Surplus or Govdeals are used. 

Proceeds from ERR vehicles will be returned to ERR, and department-owned vehicle proceeds will return to the department.  

Council voted to adopt a resolution approving of the disposal of surplus public property by public auction.  

Discussion/Action: Review of Opioid Settlement Program, appoint Barbara Labrash – Human Services Manager of Health & Community Services to the regional Opioid Abatement Council, Mark Tompkins -Health & Community Services Director & Deputy County Manager

San Juan County was one of 125 eligible local governments that joined the State of Washington Opioid Settlement.  Settlement funds are scheduled to be distributed over the next 17 years with San Juan County expected to receive approximately $17,500 per year. HCS will convene a county Opioid Settlement Funds Committee (OSFC) with representatives across multiple departments (e.g., courts, law enforcement, H&CS, and other interested departments) to review projects and make funding/project recommendations to HCS. HCS will administer and coordinate use of funds based upon the OSFC's recommendations.   

North Sound BH-ASO has agreed to convene the required regional Opioid Abatement Council (OAC).  The OAC will be made up of representatives from each regional jurisdiction.  A county represented needs to be appointed to the OAC.

Council voted to appoint Barbara LaBrash to the regional Opioid Abatement Council.

Discussion/Action: Senior & Disabled Rent Subsidy Program Awards 2023, Mark Tompkins -Director of Health & Community Services, Ryan Page - Affordable Housing Coordinator

This is a funding decision on the annual awards for the Senior and Disabled Rent Subsidy Program. The program provides ongoing rent subsidies to eligible extremely low-income tenants who are either seniors or disabled and live in rent restricted units. 

In the 2023 application period, the program received applications for 26 tenants across five rental complexes across three islands.

The Housing Advisory Committee (HAC) recommends full funding for all 2023 applicants to the program with a total amount of $100,156.80.

This recommendation is $5,156.80 above the budgeted amount for the program in 2023. Approving this recommendation would necessitate a budget adjustment to the 1961.02 Homeless Services fund with the difference to be deducted out of the funds ending cash.

Council voted to approve the funding recommendation from the Housing Advisory Committee for the 2023 Senior and Disabled Rental Subsidy Program in the amount of $100,156.80.

Discussion/Action: Argyle Lots, County Council.

This was a follow-up discussion to the March 7 and March 13, 2023 Council Meetings. 

San Juan County released a Request for Qualifications to identify a development partner for the County-owned parcel at the corner of Argyle and Malcolm in Friday Harbor to develop affordable rental housing. 

Staff and the Housing Advisory Committee have completed their due diligence and consideration of the response to the RFQ, and have made a recommendation to the County Council.

Council requested at the March 13, 2023 meeting to have the two developers present their projects to the Council and so the Council may ask the developers questions directly.

Each developer was given 40 minutes to present and discuss their project with the Council.

Council decided to consider the proposals again during the April 18 meeting.

Executive Session: To Evaluate the Performance of a Public Employee pursuant to RCW 42.30.110 (1)(g)


Council Update:

Councilmember Fuller: 

  • Met with the Transportation Commission to plan for the meeting in June (21/22). Planning is underway with the staff of the Commission. Three presentation topics: 
    1. ferries
    2. transportation infrastructure impacts of sea level rise and inundation of county roads
    3. on-island transportation issues and challenges as well as linkages with mainland transit routes
  • Held a meeting with the Administrator for Juvenile Court services to discuss child protection and child welfare services in the County.
  • Held a meeting with the Manager of the Environmental Health unit of HCS, Kyle Dodd to receive a briefing from him.
  • Attended the SWISS Quarterly Meeting
  • Discussions with John Vezina of WA State Ferries about the presentation to Council on April 18.
  • Attended the Annual Meeting of the Lopez Community Land Trust.
  • Made a one-day trip to Olympia to observe proceedings of the caucus of the Democrats and the House of Reps deliberating the Transportation Budget and the Operating Budget.

Councilmember Minney: 

  • Attended the Swiss Regional meeting that focused on regional broadband
  • Attended PIMC Community Collaboration committee meeting-full report at the Board of Health
  • Attended the Sex Offender Policy Board meeting - Reviewed legislative bills that may be of interest to the Sex Offender Policy Board and/or related to some of the previous and/or ongoing work by the SOPB.
  • Attended the WSAC Legislative Update meeting and the WSAC virtual assembly which may become a future agenda item. NACO is asking all counties to give 1% of their second to last Legislative steering committee Round table and the LSC board meeting at the Counties building in Olympia.
  • Attended a special meeting with Rep. Ramel about the proposed House budget and specific asks from SJC.
  • Attended constituent meetings about the proposed Town to Zylstra trail.
  • Did not attend the State Fair Conference two weekends ago as the pass was expected to get up to 21 inches of snow and that wasn’t worth the time and risk.
  • Did not attend the Land Managers meeting on Orcas when she realized a personal appointment on SJI did not allow for her to go on Tuesday, the first day. Wednesday she was Olympia bound.


  • NWCB, IOSA-Of note… Orcas Island Community Foundation has approved the grant request for $5,000. This will pay for responder go-bag equipment and maybe some 10" marina boom.

Council Chair Wolf: 

  • Attended online seminars, including one about sand lance 
  • Attended a DNR workshop on kelp and eelgrass restoration 
  • Appointed to the ecosystems coordination board 
  • Met with OPALCO to discuss future planning 

Legislative Update:

Councilmember Fuller:

  • Met with Alex Ramel and discussed regionalization factor of schools across the state and how that impacts budgets 

Councilmember Minney: 

  • Round table with LSC members where Reps Christine Reeves and Kevin Waters joined to discuss the legislative process 
    1. Hiring a federal and state lobbyists
    2. Legislative culture regarding remote access, safety precautions, and more
  • Department of Commerce presentation about projected housing needs
  • Discussed the future of .09 Funds     

Manager Update: Mike Thomas, County Manager

  • Staff is working on a budget amendment 
  • Council budget may need to be amended for travel 
  • Internship program is starting to be advertised externally 
  • Attended the risk pool spring conference 
  • WSU Extension is seeking interim director 
  • Plans to attend WA County Administrator Meeting 

Council Clerk Update:  Sally Rogers, Clerk

  1. Review Agendas & Council Calendar Items

  2. Upcoming Council meeting on Shaw Island on May 9, 2023 at 10:30AM to 3:30PM.

  3. Discuss the County Council general email account, generated from the Council webpage to Viewed by all Council Members, the need for an auto-reply, and voice messages will be handled by the Clerk to the Council.

  4. Advisory Committee Appointments/ Reappointments:



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