Do building permits expire?

San Juan County has amended the Building codes and imposed a 5 year lifespan on permits. If your project is not COMPLETE within 5 years, your permit will expire. In addition, you must pay yearly renewal fees, and have inspections yearly.

Delays in construction will  cause your permit to expire: Per SJCC 15.04.070

7. IBC Section 105.5 (Expiration) is amended to read as follows:           

Every permit issued shall become invalid unless the work authorized by such permit is commenced within 1 year after its issuance or if the work authorized on the site by such permit is suspended or abandoned for a period of 1 year after the work is commenced. The building official is authorized to grant, in writing, extension of time, for a period of one (1) additional year. The extension shall be requested in writing and justifiable cause demonstrated.

8. IBC Section 105.5.1 (Expiration) is added to read as follows:           

At the end of 60 months after issuance of a building permit, if construction has started but is not complete as evidenced by the issuance of a certificate of occupancy, the permit shall expire. To finish work not completed at the time of expiration, a new permit shall be applied for and obtained. The valuation of construction for permit fees shall be the valuation of construction remaining that has not been inspected. The building official may authorize a single 12 month extension of the permit upon review of written request for such extension.

Renewal fees are due yearly on the anniversary of the date of the issuance. It is your responsibility to renew your permit, or it will also expire. Inspections cannot be scheduled until renewal fees have been made current. Contact our office for renewals, or pay renewal fees on the portal.

Expiration of permits, requires that you renew your permit by re-applying, and paying fees. All renewal applications are subject to any new codes in effect at the time of application (completed application) Fees will be subject to current fee schedule, and work not complete will be required to be paid for again.

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