Energy Code?

SJC and the state of Washington have adopted an energy code that has increased requirements over time to combat climate change. It requires that new buildings and remodel work meet ever increasing standards for efficiency and energy savings. The 2018 version of this code has increased the requirements of the number of credits required to get approval of a single family dwelling in our state. In fact ALL Residential construction is subject to the energy code requirements and credits.

Depending on the size and scope of your project, you may be required to attain additional credits by using energy efficient equipment, or adding insulation, or adding other energy saving methods during construction. The form for the 2018 energy code and its worksheets can be found online at : Energy code WA state. The site has in depth information and training options available, please make time to review this information prior to submitting applications, or questioning staff.

The forms are also available on our permit application webpage 

This information, and compliance with the energy code standards is required when submitting a permit application.

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